line 1: CWB report (10 fields)
year, month, day, hour, minute, second, latitute, longitude, cwb_depth (km), ML

line 2: BATS Solution-1 (8 fields)
Centroid depth (km), Mxx, Myy, Mzz, Mxy, Mxz, Myz, M0

line 3: BATS Solution-2 (10 fields)
Mw, clvd, strike1, dip1, slip1, strike2, dip2, slip2, misfit, iso. component


1. X, Y, Z points to north, east, and vertically down, respectively. Moments are in the unit of 1E+13 Nt-m. M0 is in the unit of dyne-cm.

2. CLVD and iso. component are expressed in percent (%)